best quality tomato grow bags

tomatos in coco coir grow bags

Growbags are ideal solution for Tomatoes growth.
 Pelemix has many sizes and many coir mixes for growing tomatoes. 
The size of t growbag and coir mix, should be chosen according to climate, irrigation system, irrigation method and length of growing period. 
Pelemix highly recommends on using a dripper every 20 cm of growbag length (regardless to the number of plants in a growbag).

Go to genetal Grow Bags Page for more info about Growbags types and sizes.


Placing Growbags on a Gutter

It is important to place the growbags on a gutter or any other form of draining system. It will guarantee effective drainage of growbags and growing structure (Greenhouse, Net-house etc.).

If plot surface is covered, it will help controlling weeds and will slow development of some insects.

Expention of Growbags

Expand the Growbags with cycles of short irrigations. Allow 20 minutes between cycles. Short irrigation cycles will prevent unnecessary drainage during expanding (If growbags were not bought with draining holes, drainage is not a big issue). 

Size of the expanded Growbag is determined by size of the plastic bag. Make sure the growbag got enough water to expand to its final volume. 

Arrow Drippers and Draining Holes

Arrow drippers are very recommend but a dripline is also possible. 

Make at least 3 draining holes in each side of the growbag. Make the hole in height 0 on the side of the growbag (Only if growbags were not bought with draining holes).

Pelemix Grow Bags come with a Planting and drainage holes in accordance to the client’s request. 

Calcium Nitrate treatment

Calcium Nitrate treatment- in order to improve nutrients balance at planting time, it is recommended to apply CaNO3 in the amount of 2 kg per 1 cubic meter of coir. For example, in 15cm by 12cm by 100cm Growbags its 2 kg of CaNO3 per 55 Growbags. Apply the CaNO3 in small cycles in order to avoid unwanted drainage.

Wait 48 hours and rinse the Growbags with clean water until the drainage EC is similar to your water EC.

after planting

EC and PH Value

After planting, EC of irrigation water is determent by base water EC and the nutrition requirements of the plants.

Tomatoes are relatively tolerant to EC and pH values but it is highly recommended to monitor pH and EC values of irrigation water and drainage water. Make sure that the Values stay in wanted range.  

Monitoring the difference of EC and pH in irrigation water and drainage is critical for good management and achieving the targeted yield.

Drainage Water

Analyzing drainage water for nutrients concentration occasionally, and comparing to irrigation nutrients level, will be very helpful for crop management.

During all stages of growth fertigation solution must contain all nutrients. 

Today’s technology offers advanced tools for crop management. Installing methods such as, moisture continuous change in the growbags and weight continuous change, will enable better crop management.

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