Between crop seasons, Pelemix strongly recommend the disinfection of the Coir. This disinfection is part of the activities that are required. It is not sufficient with just a disinfection regime alone, without all the usual actions to avoid diseases and insects.

The most popular, and efficient material for use in disinfection used to be methyl-bromide (CH3Br). However, because of recent environmental issues,  methyl-bromide is out of use.   There are many substitutes for methyl bromide and  using a combination of these materials is recommended and can be used to a satisfactory conclusion. In cases of identification of a known disease in the grow-bags, a related treatment must be applied before the general disinfection.


For disinfection of the Coir we recommend on metam-sodium (C2H4NNaS2), and the application should be as follows:


The disinfection should be done only after the crop season is over and the grower is no longer interested in maintaining the plants.

1) Before applying the disinfection material, irrigation must be stopped until the Coir is relatively dry.

2) The quantity of metam-sodium required for 1 cubic meter of Coco is 500ml (For example 55 growbags in the dimensions of 12cm x 15cm x 100cm equals 1 cubic meter of Coco).

3) The metam-sodium should be applied in a large number of irrigation cycles, but using small quantities of water in order to avoid drainage.

4) After applying the disinfection material, the Coir should be suspended for 14 days.

5) When the procedure is over the Coir should be washed and then it is ready for reuse.