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Trees Nursery needs to produce big quantities of healthy strong trees, ready for planting in the shortest time possible.

All large trees nurseries or ornamentals had long ago moved to cultivate in soilless substrates.
The market demand is for a media that will allow equal distribution of air and water and will support a quick development of root systems.

Pelemix Coir – cocopeat allows the grower/planter to produce its final product in a shorter time, without compromising on developing root system or the size of the plant.
Another major benefit in using Pelemix products is the confidence that all plants/trees are growing in the same homogeneous media.
Pelemix made a step forward and offers a variety of open top products that enable the grower/planter to save time and labor when preparing the plot for planting.

benefits of coco coir open tops

Roots Development​

Open Tops are, uniform low weight, easy to use Growing media already in bags, providing the nursery the ideal solution.

Pelemix mixing system can produce the ideal combination of Coarse coir (Crush material) and fine material (16 mm ) to meet climate demand,  growing method (Under net, under plastic or none) and irrigation system.

Roots develops equally, providing the planter a bulk full of roots, easy to plant and ready to penetrate the soil

Uniformity and Easy To Use

Pelemix production technology produces, uniform Open Tops which enable easier control over fertigation.

Pelemix’s Open Top products provide growers the capability of saving time and labor. All the grower has to do, is to distribute the Open Tops in the greenhouse (Before expansion the Open Tops have a very low weight.), adjust the dripper and the greenhouse is almost ready to go. 

While using Pelemix’s Open Tops the stages of filling the pots and spreading the heavy pots in the greenhouse are avoided.

open top citro kit

Healthy Plants and Other Benefits

Using Pelemix Open Tops help avoiding soil diseases in the substrate and produce strong plants.

Unlike other soilless cultures, Coco Coir holds high air capacity even when  completely saturated.

With time the Cocopeat develops a high buffer capacity that will enable the plants to overcome a short time deficiency of fertilizers and water.

Guiadance for Placing

Placing is very easy. Expanding is done after the Open Top is in its growing position.
No need to fill bags and move them to the plot.

When plants are ready for planting, one worker can easily carry 4 open tops with matured plants ready  to go.


Trees in Open tops