higher yield, excellent fruit quality & earlier harvesting.

Blue Berry Blend OpenTop system for high value hydroponic blueberries

Our 3BMulti-Drain OpenTop System for blueberries has been created by combining the ideal volume of a specially formulated coco-coir blend and an innovatively designed Pelemix OpenTop bag.

Coir for Berry Crops- THE FUTURE IS BLUE

Blueberry production and consumption has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Greenhouses and mainly tunnels are being used to extend the growing season and harvesting period. Blueberries are traditionally grown in the ground. The soil should be well-drained, yet with sufficient moister holding capacity.
Optimizing blueberry production requires a high level of control, a balanced air-to-water ratio in the ground of growing media, proper micro-irrigation and fertilization.
All these can be achieved when using soilless technology in gerneral and coco-coir in particular.

3B OpenTop Benefits

Higher yield compared to growing in the ground.

Earlier harvest possible due to quicker growth and fruit development

Premium fruit quality

More plants per hectare (or acre)

Labor saving and labor friendly solution – easy installation