Pelemix- Professionals in Coco Peat Substrates

About Us

Pelemix is a market leader in the coir – coco peat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries.

Our coir is used worldwide as a growing media for various hydroponics crops in nurseries, greenhouses, plant propagation, and bedding plants.



modern technologies along with high quality materials

Pelemix is using modern technologies along with high quality materials to produce different blends for agriculture, based on coir but including other materials.


Pelemix supply a whole range of Coco coir products including Growbags, 5 kg bales, our exclusive OpenTops, Blends and other Coir based products. 

Pelemix- Professionals in Coco Peat Substrates

Our Production

The natural properties (both physical and chemical) of the coir (coco fibers and coco husk) makes it an ideal substrate suitable for the advanced technology of soilless culture.

In our nine different production plants, we keep high-end raw materials together with good manufacturing facilities that leads to uniformity and consistency of production in large quantities.


Sri Lanka – Negombo

Sri Lanka – Marawila

Sri Lanka – Attanagala

Sri Lanka – Mahawewa

India – Vayalur

Spain – Alhama de Murcia

Thailand – Bang Saphan


India – Tuti – Including Office Accounting and Logistics.

Spain – Almeria & Murcia

Mexico – Guadalajara

USA – long beach, California

South Africa- Cape Town & Durban


Why should I buy Pelemix's Coir- Coco peat and not other's?

Strict quality assurance​

Various Growing Methods

innovative technologies

Logistics Solutions

full agronomic support

24/7 Customer Support


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