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Seedlings are made from cuttings or seeds. In both cases some principles are the same. In order to enable the seedlings to develop a healthy roots system there must be a good contact between the substrate and the seed/cutting. Therefore it is usually recommended to use a substrate with small size particles. Roots development also requires air capacity.

Pelemix 1/6" Cocopeat and 1/4" Cocopeat provides the rare combination of those two characteristics.

In addition the seedlings can not be fertilized like a regular plant because such a thing might prevent roots development.  The amount of fertilizers applied in seedling production should be done with a lot of caution.

Some seedlings growers use mixes of Cocopeat with others material like peat or perlite to get  specific characteristics of the growing media.



Any kind of Vegetable, Cut Flower or Herb you grow, Pelemix has the best organic Cocopeat growing media

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Home gardening

User and envitonmental friendly.

All organic, Ideal solution for succesfull

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Variable Cocopeat products that will fit any Horticulture or Seedlings production requierments.
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