Trees Nurseries


Today's trees nurseries do not necessarily uses local soil for production. All large trees nurseries or ornamentals had long ago moved to cultivate in soilless substrates.

The market demand is for a media that will allow equal distribution of air and water and will support a quick development of root systems.

Pelemix Coir - cocopeat allows the grower/planter to produce its final product in a shorter time, without compromising on developing root system or the size of the plant.

Another major benefit in using Pelemix products is the confidence that all plants/trees are growing in the same homogeneous media.

Pelemix made a step forward and offers a variety of open top products that enable the grower/planter to save time and labor when preparing the plot for planting.







Any kind of Vegetable, Cut Flower or Herb you grow, Pelemix has the best organic Cocopeat growing media

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Home gardening

User and envitonmental friendly.

All organic, Ideal solution for succesfull

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Variable Cocopeat products that will fit any Horticulture or Seedlings production requierments.
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