Pelemix is the leading company in the coir - cocopeat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries .

Coir- cocopeat is used world wide as a growing media for various hydroponics crops,
nurseries, plant propagation,and bedding plants both in its pure form
as well as in the many specialized mixtures suited for different growing regimes.

Pelemix makes use of the most modern technologies and machinery
along with high quality materials to produce different blends of coir - cocopeat based
substrates which are used in all forms of horticulture.

Pelemix is the only Israeli company, which has production facilities
to process the raw material in Sri-Lanka and India, and supplies a whole range of products - from the raw material itself, up to the final derivative.

Pelemix provides its clients with a follow up service by an agronomist on a
regular basis and on special requests.

Pelemix's production process is carefully monitored through a modern laboratory,
a Research and Development Center and through the services of
a highly respected agronomy-consulting firm.




Any kind of Vegetable, Cut Flower or Herb you grow, Pelemix has the best organic Cocopeat growing media

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Home gardening

User and envitonmental friendly.

All organic, Ideal solution for succesfull

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Variable Cocopeat products that will fit any Horticulture or Seedlings production requierments.
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