Treated Coir Coco-Peat

Pelemix has identified the need of some growers to receive the Cocopeatafter it was treated with CaNO3. Therefore Pelemix offers its customers, treated materials which were treated with CaNO3, and then washed with clean water. The treated products are very popular in vegetable nurseries and flowers nurseries.  It is possible to buy treated products that were disinfected with steam.  We show here a sample of treated material that was tested in a trustworthy laboratory. The results in the table are for demonstration.

Test Units Result
pH 5.9
E.C. dS/m 0.54
Cl mg/l 130
Na meq/l 1.0
Ca+Mg meq/l 0.8
Ca mg/l 11.3
Mg mg/l 2.9
N-NO3 mg/l 0.2
N-NH4 mg/l 6.76
P mg/l 2.86
K mg/l 96.1
B mg/l 0.08
Fe mg/l 1.6
Zn mg/l 1.6
Mn mg/l 0.02
Cu mg/l 0.01